OS/2 Warp & OS/4:

    Arca Noae: OS/2 version 5.x
    OS/2World.com: forum and newsline
    OS/2News: news and WarpStock conferences
    OS/2Ports: Unix software under OS/2
    Phoenix OS/4: new loader and kernel
    NetLabs: OS/2 software
    Russian Underground/2
    Curlie: OS/2 (links)
    OS/2.org: forum
    OS/2 VOICE



Software Development:

    RSDN.ru: Forum
    OpenNet.ru: Links
    Curlie: Programming

Job Conditions:

    Russian IT, news and rumours
    IT Labour Union (LJ repost, 2017)
    Do What You Must and Come What May
    Owl the Effective Manager


    Austrian School


    Russian Guitar: YouTube channel
    Curlie: Russian 7-String Guitar
    Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae

Martial Arts:

    Green Tea
    Chinese Wushu